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Fresh Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS)

Fresh Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS)

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Baby Brine Shrimp, Artemia salina, are an excellent food source for larval fish, sea horses, and a variety of invertebrates.

Baby Brine shrimp can provide an important link in the food chain for developing larval fish fry due to their high levels of protein, lipids, and fatty acids.  Dwarf and other sea horses will benefit from the availability of BBS as well.  BBS are most beneficial in the first 24-48 hours post hatch du to them losing 50% of their caloric value at 48 hours.  this nutrition comes from their yolk sack which they begin to consume shortly after hatching.  the cyst (egg) shell is very hard, with no nutritional value, and can cause digestive distress in smaller species, so proper removal is vital.

To achieve optimum results we recommend ordering with 2 day delivery.  Our BBS is prepared with decapsulated (shells removed) brine shrimp eggs so you don't have to worry about your fish eating the shell.  we add the decapsulated eggs to a saltwater/phytoplankton mix as we package the order so they will hatch during shipping to be ready to feed upon arrival.  We recommend feeding upon arrival and not storing the product as it will lose nutritional value with time.


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