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PLANKTON BUFFET: Combine our Select Pod Buffet, Phyto Buffet and Amphipods.  Giving you all the superior nutrition and cleaning power of the "ALL YOUR REEF CAN EAT"

BENEFITS OF PODS IN YOUR AQUARIUM: The primary benefits include FOOD SOURCE, CLEAN UP CREW (CUC) and BIOME DIVERSITY. Copepods aid in the husbandry of certain aquarium inhabitants which require an endless food source as their metabolism requires them to hunt non-stop.  these include but not limited to Mandarin Dragonets like our beloved Rainbow Wish and Paisley, other dragonets such as HUSKER our Ruby Red Dragonet (Can’t live in the Cornhusker state and have a red and yellow fish and not name it after your team lol) plus pipefish, seahorses, anthias, various gobies such as sleeper, sand sifting, etc.  Copepods also provide a consistent and viable food source for many different captive bred fry. Plus as an added bonus almost all if not all of your fish in your aquarium BENEFIT as they munch on these protein and fatty acid enriched treats. Copepods are a valuable member of your clean up crew. They aide in Algae control due to pods small size, they can get into the tiniest of crevices and clean the algae down to its roots and help reduce the formation by reducing nutrients in your aquarium. They aide nutrient export by consuming bacteria, detritus and uneaten food and converting it to protein and fatty acids for our fish.  Copepods add to an increased biome when colonies of different species establish colonies with in our aquariums.


Phytoplankton is an abundant source of macro- and micronutrients. You will find protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, and trace elements. One of the most important nutrients contained within phytoplankton cells are lipids, in particular Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids, often referred to as highly unsaturated fats (HUFA), are absolutely essential for the health and coloration of marine invertebrates and fish. Of these fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid or EPA (found generally in green-colored phytoplankton species) and docosahexaenoic acid or DHA (found generally in brown-colored phytoplankton species) are of critical importance to marine life, with DHA proving to be the more essential of the two.  This is why our PHYTO BUFFET incorporates 5 brown strains, 4 green strains, and one red strain added for improved coral coloration.

In aquariums, regular dosing of phytoplankton increases the health, coloration, growth, and polyp extension of corals. It also increases the development and vibrancy of your marine life, and boosts zooplankton populations.

Phytoplankton can play a major role in water quality and nutrient recycling through their consumption of nitrogenous wastes. Phytoplankton consume nitrogen and phosphorous to perform photosynthesis. In an aquarium environment, adding LIVE phytoplankton will reduce your nitrate (NO3) and phosphate (PO4) levels as the living phytoplankton consume these nutrients for photosynthesis.

Not only will live phytoplankton help reduce NO3 and PO4 levels, but through photosynthesis the phytoplankton help balance pH levels by increasing dissolved oxygen levels in the aquarium while simultaneously reducing carbon dioxide levels.

A further benefit of dosing live phytoplankton in an aquarium is to help reduce or prevent nuisance algae growth (e.g., hair algae, bryopsis, cyano, etc.). Nuisance algae in aquariums consume the same nutrients as live phytoplankton to grow and survive. If live phytoplankton is dosed regularly and consumes these nutrients, the nuisance algae will eventually wither away.

There are a lot of phytoplankton products on the aquarium market, and there is a lot of misinformation about what constitutes a quality phytoplankton product. If you are looking for a quality phytoplankton product that will give your reef the benefits of maximum nutrition, optimal water quality, and help reduce nuisance algae growth, then here's what you need to look for:


Our PHYTO BUFFET contains a blend of 10 species of phytoplankton covering all the nutritional needs of your aquarium.

***For proper nutrition, you need to dose a MINIMUM of TWO species of phytoplankton.***


Our PHYTO BUFFET contains 5 browns, 4 greens and 1 red strains of phytoplankton covering all the nutritional needs of your aquarium.

**It is critical to dose BOTH high-EPA (typically "green") and high-DHA (typically "brown") species.***

  • LIVE (in contrast to concentrates, pastes, or cryopreserved)

Our PHYTO BUFFET is harvested fresh and live each week on the shipping day providing you with the highest quality product you can get.

***In order to receive the benefits of nutrient consumption, the product must be LIVE.***


Our PHYTO BUFFET is cultured in sterilized water in sterile vessels with no additives or preservatives ever added.

***Avoid products with additives that could be potentially harmful to your reef.***

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