By trade I am a General Contractor, and in February of 2021 we experienced a fire in our 104'x40' shop where I just happened to have all of my tanks from my glory days in storage. We opted to replace them through insurance and I really caught the bug again. Having been out of the hobby since the middle 90's I was amazed at the changes in technology, and the readily available information from this thing we were only starting to use back then the World Wide Web. What a beautiful difference it makes in the hobby, now you can find two completely different answers to the same question faster than you can type the next question. Here at Reef By Steele LLC we are committed to providing you not only with the highest customer service but also the most complete and correct answers to your questions.

  • Kent Steele

    15+ Years in the hobby. Started culturing for personal use, and kept improving and expanding the culture sizes and thought to sell a little on under the name HankstankXXL750 to try to pay for the equipment. Soon it became more passion than necessity and now we produce 140 gallons of quality phytoplankton and 60 gallons of copepod cultures per week.

  • Sherry Steele

    The QUEEN. My lovely wife who allows me to pursue my passions and falls in love with our fish. My R2R handle came from her sunset wrasse named Hank and his RS XXL750 home. Shortly after starting this endeavor I had to have major reconstructive shoulder surgery and only by the grace of God and Sherry stepping to the plate are we able to offer you our quality products. Find her on R2R as Ocean_Queenie!

  • Calliope Steele

    Our youngest and most fun member of the squad is our unbelievably sweet daughter Calliope. As with our older children she too became enamored with the life forms in our little slices of the ocean. Her specialty is naming our aquatic friends including Rainbow Wish, our psychedelic mandarin dragonet mascot, one of the many pod eating fish we keep.