Shipping Info

How and When We Ship


We are now offering styrofoam shipping boxes for an additional charge. Choose this option for FULL LIVE ARRIVE GUARANTEE when temperatures are above 90 degrees or below 20 degrees and if your order arrives DOA we will replace your order at no cost, once verified. If you choose to ship without the styrofoam, we still guarantee live arrival, we will package in thermal insulated box liners, and ice packs, but we will REPLACE PRODUCT ONLY you pay only for shipping. We have achieved very high success rates with the before mentioned practices but are adding options to allow people in our nations Hot Spots to be able to order year round. This allows you to save by giving you options while choosing the risk you are willing to take, and allows us to us to keep our prices as low as possible by not having to factor the cost of the higher priced packaging into every order. Please choose your option at check out.

We offer multiple shipping options. To the 48 contiguous states we offer UPS Ground or Priority Mail FREE over $30, 2 Day UPS FREE over $75 (as 2 day not guaranteed, FREE shipments showing a 2 day estimated delivery will ship ground or USPS Priority Mail). Overnight FREE over $300. We ship on Monday and Tuesday all methods. We only ship FREE or Paid 2 Day on Wednesdays and FREE or paid overnight on Thursdays to avoid extended weekend delays. You can now choose to ship in styrofoam shipping boxes at checkout.

Other shipping requests available please contact us with questions.