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Custom Culture Kit, Single Active Pod Only

Custom Culture Kit, Single Active Pod Only

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Single Species Culture Copepods (Species)

Want to cultured your own phytoplankton and/or copepods?
We have a culturing kit for you. Ready to go upon arrival, you supply an air pump and fresh saltwater, then you can be set up and running same day. Get the basic set up (active vessels) or the harvest ready double pack (active vessels plus back up vessels for Harvest/Split day) have fresh clean vessels ready to go for quick and easy culture maintenance.

What is included in The kit?

1 - 1 gallon glass jars w/plastic lid w/liner seal pre-drilled for input line and vent
1 - 13" rigid air lines 1 for each vessel (Active or Back-up)
1 5’ airline for each active vessel, check valve and air adjustment valve for each active vessel.

1 16 Oz Single Species Copepod

Step by step instructions delivered VIA email.

Plus personal service after the sale to obtain your best results.

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